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Sustainability at Clearwater Beach and Spa Resort

Florida Green Lodging

An Environmental Leader among Green Resorts in Florida

At Sandpearl Resort, we’re dedicated to preserving the pristine beauty and unique ecosystems of Florida’s Gulf Coast. In an effort to keep local beaches intact for generations to come, our eco-friendly Clearwater Beach resort has implemented a variety of innovative programs designed to improve energy efficiency, indoor air quality, water conservation and natural resource conservation. Sandpearl Resort’s ongoing commitment to sustainability has led to its status as the first Silver LEED-certified resort in the state.

Innovative Transportation Ideas

We offer preferred parking and charging stations for hybrid and electric cars, and we’re conveniently located near several Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority routes as well as the Jolley Trolley.

Clean the World

Sandpearl Resort partners with Clean the World by donating guests' leftover soap and shampoo to be recycled. This reduces waste while simultaneously providing essential items to impoverished populations.

Florida Green Lodging Program

We are proud to participate in the Florida Green Lodging Program, which was established in 2004 by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection with the intent of recognizing and rewarding environmentally conscientious hotels and resorts.

Chilled Water Air Conditioning System

Our state-of-the-art chiller system uses water as the heat transfer agent instead of Freon, resulting in improved air quality and long-term energy savings.

Geothermal Pool Heating System

During the cooler months, we harness the planet’s natural warmth to heat our zero-entry pool, which saves a significant amount of energy while providing the ideal poolside experience.

Ozone Pool Sanitizing System

Ozone is a natural product derived from oxygen that is used as an alternative water purifier rather than harsh chemicals like chlorine. Ozone is a powerful sanitizer that reverts back to its natural state after eliminating contaminants and leaves no residual chemicals in the water.

Heat Recovery Exhaust System

Sandpearl Resort captures energy from the already conditioned air before it is returned to the outside. This recovered energy is transferred to the incoming air before it enters, reducing overall energy consumption.

In-Room Energy Management System

This system monitors room temperatures remotely from a central location so that an occupied room may be controlled by the guest, but an unoccupied room can be adjusted to reduce energy waste.

Low-Emission Construction Materials

Our resort was built using low-emission construction materials, which results in a lesser impact on the environment. In addition, our resort is smoke-free, which protects guests against harmful contaminants.

Water Conservation Systems

Sandpearl Resort's water conservation systems include water-saving faucets, toilets and shower heads as well as state-of-the art laundry equipment and a high-tech irrigation system.

Waste Conservation

More than 50 percent of Sandpearl Resort’s original construction waste was diverted from the landfill to be recycled. Additionally, tons of materials were reintroduced into the manufacturing stream, minimizing the need for virgin materials.

Special Glazing for Windows and Sliding Glass Doors

All glass in our windows and doors is double-paned, laminated and tinted. This results in sound transmission reduction, pressure and impact resistance, a high level of UV protection and improved insulation.


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